Saturday, 7 January 2012

New Year, New Plots

Well, that's Christmas done with. The hangover's about gone and the muse has woken up again at last. I'm having a rest from Ironarm for a little while, though I do have plenty of plots and a whole world for him to play in yet. But for now it's time for something different.

I have a new novel plotted and all mapped out. I've written the first few scenes already, and even have a couple of shorts banging about inside my head. One of them might even get sent to WOTF. Who knows?

Looks like a busy few months ahead.


  1. It's exciting having a new story! I love working out all the world details and learning about the characters. Good luck!

  2. Rats, some one beat me to it :)

    But still sounds good keep it up.

    And that last free story sounds interesting, I should check it out... but did you list how long it is?

  3. Hey Louis, Smashwords shows the wordcount on all their books, but A Job of Debt weighs in at about 9.5k.