Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Christmas Freebie

It's almost Winterval and George gets more than he bargained for from his new job when his boss, Ricket the loanshark goblin, targets the old lady who lives alone in the Old Forest. Times are hard but there are things even a troll shouldn't have to lower himself to.

But George soon discovers that Betty Clause is an old woman with a dark secret, a very famous grandson and some special guests in the cellar.

Supported by a cast of half naked elves, angry fairies and drunken gnomes, George finds himself embracing the spirit of the season as only a troll can.

A Job of Debt is available now, FREE, at Smashwords - a little gift from me to you.

Sunday, 11 December 2011

The Frozen North - Here at Last

Alwyn finally has Thorgrim Ironarm under control and has returned to Green Delving, where he not only owns half of The Golden Sword inn but has fallen for Polly, the new smith's daughter. With life looking rosier than it ever has before, the last thing Alwyn wants is more trouble from the dwarven slayer's past.

But when Green Delving is attacked by ice elves Alwyn is once again forced to call on the power and memories of the ancient dwarf in his head. His travels take him through the forests of the fae and across the Silver Sea to the frozen lands of the north where he must take on the Silvan, long since gone from the world, the shades of a race ages dead and their insane, immortal masters.

Avoiding the long reaching magic of the Silvan, Alwyn and his companions must find a way to the dead city of Al Theranis, to discover a race in conflict with itself, a lost tribe and a power even Thorgrim Ironarm cannot face.

Available now from Smashwords and coming soon to Amazon.