Friday, 22 June 2012

Free Book

From now until the end of the 2012 Olympics Trolympics is free. You can download a copy from Smashwords.

Hopefully Amazon will follow suit with their price matching, as I can't find a way to make a book free on there.

Saturday, 5 May 2012

Busy, busy, busy.

Ok, I'm busy writing so I'm not getting a lot of blogging done. I'm writing another novel and trying my hand at flash fiction between bouts. When I'm not writing, well it's that busy time in the garden and I've got lots of veg that need looking after, and I've just taken up fishing.

What with the chickens, the brewing and the day job, I don't know where I find all the time.

Watch this space.

Wednesday, 28 March 2012


I'm busy plotting a new novel at the moment, scribbling notes and back story, creating characters and sketching a rough map. So I'm not getting much in the way of actual writing done. Still, it's nice and sunny and warm here at the moment, so at least I can procrastinate in the sunshine.

Friday, 16 March 2012

They're Here - A Trio of Tasty Troll Tales

A Trio of Tasty Troll Tales, available now from Smashwords for the ridiculously miserly price of $0.99 each.

The Great Egg Hunt

Grandad Seth has a golden egg, his pride and joy, that he puts out every year to see in the spring. Only this year, while Seth and the grandkids are sleeping, his egg is stolen, by the Springtide Bunny. Unfortunately for the wily thief Seth's grandkids are Frank, Arthur, Norman and Stan, four strapping trolls with bad tempers and a taste for bunny.

Join the troll brothers as they encounter gnomes, dryads, dwarves, goblins and more bunny rabbits than they can reasonably manage, as they hunt the thief in the night and try to rescue grandad's treasure and find more than just golden eggs.


The games of the thirtieth Trolympiad are being held in Slag Valley and Lord Coal himself will preside over the opening ceremony, lighting the Great Torch and firing off the greatest sporting event in the troll calendar. But tickets are hard to come by, so when Herbert wins some in a bet, he and the family are off to Slag Valley like a shot. Only sport isn't the only thing on the agenda.

Join Herbert and Maude and their lad Horace as they experience the thrill of such sports as goblin putting, elf wrangling, dwarf lobbing and goat scaring in the Trolympic Arena, having the time of their life, until they discover the security ogres and the human terrorist threat.

Then the game is really on.

Blue Dragon Pie

Gordon wants to see his name over his own pie shop, by the sea. The only thing stopping him is a distinct lack of money. Instead he is stuck down Clag Alley, selling his wares from a barrow.

But the Razorback Mountains Pie Eating Contest might be the answer to all his problems. A thousand groats is up for grabs, but every celebrity troll chef in the mountains is having a go and Gordon needs that special edge if he is to stand a chance of winning the prize.

Gordon does the unthinkable and joins forces with humans, dwarves and elves in an attempt to hunt down a dangerous dragon. They want gold and glory. All Gordon is after is a pie filling, but he soon discovers that other species can be bad as trolls when it comes to deceit and treachery, in his quest to make a Blue Dragon Pie.

As usual, coming to Amazon shortly......

They're Almost Upon Us!!!

The trolls are nearly here.

Coming soon to an e-reader near you.......

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

The Trolls Are Coming.

Long time no blog, but I've been busy writing, so busy in fact that, just for all of those who enjoyed Tales From Under the Bridge and A Job of Debt, the trolls are coming back.

Watch this space, more news coming soon.

Sunday, 19 February 2012

Demon Gate

Michael Mortain inherits more than just wealth when his uncle dies in a freak accident. He also takes on Friedrich’s magic, a rare power coveted by the insane witch, Morga, and her pet gamora. In a world of darkness and witchcraft Michael soon finds himself fighting for his life and that of the woman he loves, whilst evading the clutches of the inquisition in a bloody clash of magic and religion.

In the sleepy village of Richstein Michael Mortain finds himself the new master of Driesden House, and more, he discovers the charms of the local apothecarist, Annarina Anstein. But not all is as tranquil as it seems and Michael's new life is turned upside down with the arrival of a mysterious witch hunter and the widow of a recently slain merchant.

Michael's soon finds himself the target of an insane witch and her unwilling demon, but can the White Coven help him unlock the secrets of Uncle Friedrich's power, escape the clutches of the inquisition and save Annarina before Morga can unleash the forces of hell?

Get 50% off at Smashwords until 29th February 2012 by using coupon code LR67W

Available now at Smashwords and coming soon to Amazon Kindle

Monday, 13 February 2012

Breathing life into an old tale

Ok, this is what I'm working on at the moment. It's dark fantasy with a bit of steam punk thrown in for good measure. I first started writing this about eight years ago. The first draft was horrible. The story and plot was there but the writing skills just hadn't developed.

A couple of years ago I rewrote it, all 120k of it, and now I've dusted it off and started editing it. I've liked this story for a long time and think it deserves telling.

Anyway, it's not far off now and, between bouts of editing, I've created a cover for it.

And a bit of blurb, definitely subject to change:

Michael Mortain inherits more than just wealth when his uncle dies in a freak accident. He also takes on Friedrich’s magic, a rare power coveted by the insane witch, Morga, and her pet gamora. In a world of darkness and witchcraft Michael soon finds himself fighting for his life and that of the woman he loves, whilst evading the clutches of the inquisition in a bloody clash of magic and religion.

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

The Black Cat Cleaning Co.

The end of times is nigh and Aristel must rescue a fairy maiden from the great dragon to stop it happening, but he doesn't reckon with falling through reality and landing in a council flat in Little Rhampton.

Meanwhile, Kevin has just lost his job, but things seem to be turning a little brighter when a witch flicks a bit of good luck his way. He comes into money and meets the girl of his dreams, only to find that witches never do anything for nothing and Sally isn't quite what she seems.

The local council is planning to let developers knock down Carswell House and build a housing estate, and Mac the Hat is behind all the dodgy dealing to make it happen. Affordable housing is all very well, but not when a gate between worlds is at stake. There's more to Carswell House than just dry rot and rising damp and Kevin is recruited to help the witches stop the development and get Aristel home.

In a world of magic and mystery entwined with the everyday, mundane reality that we dwell in and with a cast of immortal druids, demonic cats, flying vacuums, witches and wannabes, The Black Cat Cleaning Co. pits good against evil, cunning against stupidity and everyone against the clock to save the world from greedy pen pushers.

The Black Cat Cleaning Co. is available now from Smashwords

Coming soon to Amazon.....

Thursday, 2 February 2012

...and breathe.

I've been a bit quiet lately. I've been busy writing, lots. Especially the last couple of weeks. I've finished the first draft of a novella and I'm currently doing a short.

I've got a bit of proof reading and some editing to do yet, but it won't be long before the next book is released. I already have the cover art done:

I'll leave you to guess what it's about until I get a blurb done:)

Saturday, 7 January 2012

New Year, New Plots

Well, that's Christmas done with. The hangover's about gone and the muse has woken up again at last. I'm having a rest from Ironarm for a little while, though I do have plenty of plots and a whole world for him to play in yet. But for now it's time for something different.

I have a new novel plotted and all mapped out. I've written the first few scenes already, and even have a couple of shorts banging about inside my head. One of them might even get sent to WOTF. Who knows?

Looks like a busy few months ahead.