Saturday, 23 July 2011


It seems that the whole world revolves around targets these days, but I find I write better and more frequently if I set my set goals and targets.

Each book or short story I write gets outlined to some degree. Some are so detailed that they make little stories all by themselves. Others are just a few lines that give a general gist of each scene I intend to write. I tend to decide what kind of word count I am aiming for right from the start so I can set a finish date once I start the writing proper.

My target is 1000 words a day and I usually hit it on weekdays. I struggle a little at weekends but, now and then, I manage to find a quiet moment. Like today, the house was pretty quiet and I sat in the garden amongst the chickens and hit my target on my netbook. Admittedly, once I finally looked up the chooks had pulled up my kohl rabi to make a dust bath, but I hit my target.

First Post - What This Blog is About

I've started this blog as a place where people can get to know me and from where I can let the world know just how my writing exploits are going, what my targets are and, ultimately, when my books will be released on the unsuspecting public.

Currently I am working on a collection of short stories to be published as an anthology. This will, hopefully, be ready and out on Kindle inintially before Christmas. I am toying with the idea of putting it out on Smashwords too and eventually as a proper hard copy vie Createspace, though I will stick to ebooks for the time being.