Sunday, 25 September 2011

Editing Process

I'm currently editing the second Ironarm novel, Tocks, the sequel to The Long Way Home. I'm doing this at the same time as writing the fourth installment if the series, tentatively titled Beasts, for now. The third is written and being sat on for the moment.

My editing process usually means sitting on a draft while I write the next project and edit the last one. Editing consists of a full, double spaced print out. I read this and tear it to bits with a red pen, before correcting and rewriting where I need to. The second edit is usually done on screen and corrected as I go. Then I do that second edit again, just to make sure.

That's where I'm currently at with Tocks and, after all that prior editing and chopping, it's looking pretty good and I'm on schedule for an October release still.

So, coming soon: Tocks - The second Ironarm novel

Once this one is released I can stop sitting on the third one , The Frozen North. I think it'll probably be warm enough by now.

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